2.4. Sign up for the exam before 12:00

5.4. Overall party @ Club Escape

SPRING’S LAST OVERALL PARTY IS HERE! On Thursday 5.4.4 is great to lift the spring feeling to the roof!! 

9.4. klo 8:15-12:00 Exam day

10.4. at 16:30 Sporticus spring meeting

Sporticus’ spring meeting takes place 10.4.2018 in L209 at 16:30. All members are welcome to the meeting. There will be pizza, other delicacies and a chance to make a difference.

16.4. Sign up for the exam before 12:00

18.4. Liikunta Open Stage

Does your inner (or outer) performer want to get up on the stage in front of others? Do you or your friends have amazing skills that you would like others to see? Your wishes have been answered! On Wednesday 18.4. the first Liikunta Open Stage will be arranged in the lobby of L-building at 13:45-14:15. Sign up for sending email to: (lavinurm(at)student.jyu.fi) 

19.4. 3miot party

Overall party

23.4. klo 8:15-12:00 Exam day

23.4. Band exam party

April’s exam party is slowly getting closer. Now is your chance to create your own band with friends and get ready to rock! You don’t have to be a professional musician or even know how to hold a guitar. Just form a band, train a little and have fun on stage! All the bands will be rewarded with huge applauds!! More info here.


This year Sporticus’ vappu lasts for a whole week! We know that sometimes it is possible to get a bit woozy with all of the great events but we have a solution for that! You will receive a “vappupassport” where you can collect stamps from the events that you attend. Vappu is student’s best friend. If you don’t know what the hype is all about check it here! http://www.studyinfinland.fi/destination_finland/way_of_life/festivities/vappu

24.4. Sporticus goes Jyvässpeksi

Fill your cultural needs and come to speksi! Price is 8e with a sporticus sticker. Sign up for the event before 10.4. here. 

25.4 Vappusitsit

Time for sitsit again! This sitsit party is held together with Pedago and Varkaat.

27.4. Jyväskylä region drive + sauna

Sometimes we who live in the city have to go to the coutryside to get some fresh air. Sporticus has a solution for this problem- Jyväskylä region drive! Jump into the bus with other Liikunta students and go for a drive and you may feel the refreshing breeze of country air (and bars). In the evening we will relax at Opinkivi sauna. Everyone is welcome!!

28.4 Volleyball match

Join to this volleyball match and put some carneval clothing on! Come and share the vappu feeling either in the field or in the stand. There will be a fun juice service in the event area.

29.4. Lutakko championships

We will gather to Lutakko to play soccer with other Liikunta students and see who will be the champion this year.

30.4. Hang out next to Paavo Nurmi “the flying finn” statue near Liikunta building

Come and follow this finnish/ Liikunta tradition where we put a high school graduation hat on top of “the flying finn” statues head, people give great speeches and the year course 2017 has chose a name for them.

30.4. Amazing Race Jyväskylä

Amazing Race Jyväskylä is a spinoff competition of the popular tv-series for students. The purpose of the race is to navigate your way from checkpoint to checkpoint by solving clues and completing tasks in teams of four. The fastest teams will be rewarded as well as teams that demonstrate the most team and Vappu spirit!

30.4. Celebrating Vappu together in Kirkkopuisto

Come and witness the biggest student gathering of the year! Hopefully the weather will be great so that we can enjoy the great finnish spring atmosphere!

1.5. Vappupicnic at Harju

Harju is always sunny when it is Vappu! Pach your lunch (or breakfast) with you and enjoy this holiday with friends!