Great to start November with all of these versatile events! Check them out and pick your favorites!!
JYY council election 6.-8.11.
Members of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä will be electing a new Council of representatives for the term of 2018-2019 on November 6.–8.
Voting is possible on voting days from 8:00 until 20:00 on Student Union’s website . The Student Union also organises polling stations for voting as follows:
2.11.2017 11-15 Ilokivi lobby
3.11.2017 11-15 Ylistönrinne Campus
6.11.2017 11-15 Ruusupuisto building
7.11.2017 11-15 Liikunta building
8.11.2017 11-15 Agora building and University Main Library


Student party and live hockey on 9.11.

You miss the shots you don’t take. This time it’s not only for fun, but for victory and the champions. Tonight
everyone gets to play like Ronaldo. Novembers Interdiscplinary Overall-Party will be held in Club Escape on
Thursday 9.11. with the theme Jurri Championships. Doors will be open at 22.00.

If you want that championships feeling before the night, you are able to go to watch the local ice hockey
game for free with the Novembers Interdiscplinary Overall-Party pre-ticket or overalls.


What: Interdisciplinary Overall-party
Tickets: 3€
Dresscode: Overalls + Sports
Pre -sale tickets: Available on Monday 6th of November from 12am till Wednesday 8th of November 12pm or
until sold out.

13.11 Register for the exam day by 12:00
13.11 Wellbeing movie night by Sporticus
The movie night takes Place on the student luonge, as an event of the wellbeing week
16.11. at 10-14  Sporticus flea market 
Come and do amazing discoveries from your friends´ wardrobes
16.11. Student party at Club Escape
20.11. Exam day
20.11. Exam day party@Club Escape
This time the exam day party includes different games from beer pong to rock-paper-scissors – tournment.
21.11. Sporticus fall general assembly
Come and use your vote on the nominees for the next years
decsideing panel
Other information:
Sporticus is going to assemble a competition on new overall badges. Now is you time to design what everyone is going to be having on their overalls. Sporticus from this day on is also in Instagram. Follow us @sporticusry to keep on trak what is going on and
share with us your pictures from our events. Facebook and email will nevertheless still remain as primary
information chanels.