Rules of liikunta

In order to take your courses on schedule it is important for you to meet the requirements of
each course and do your best in attending every class. By doing that you can save both you and
your teacher from extra work since you don’t need to think the compensatory ways to take the

1. Show some attitude! Studying sports sciences can be time-consuming. In some courses
the attendance is compulsory in order to get the credits. So when you are planning of
skipping the lesson, think again. Being sick is a good reason not to attend but the cold
weather or the party of last night is not.

2. Plan your studies! Register only for the courses you really can attend. It is not okay to
come late or leave early because of another class, it does harm not only for you but also
for your fellow students and teacher. In some case you are required to complete some
other course before you can attend to another one. For example you need to take the
basics of ball games before you can take the course of advantage level. Check out the
course requirements.

3. In the case of absence! Let the teacher of the course know as soon as you know you
need to be absent. Don’t do that in the evening before the class (excluding sudden
illness). The sooner you let the teacher know the easier it is for you to arrange the
compensatory way to take the class. Don’t assume that the teacher comes up with the
compensatory task, be self-active and suggest ways of compensation yourself. It is also
polite to let the teacher know if you are going to be late for the class.

4. Give feedback! If you feel that the content of some class does not support your
learning, give constructive feedback already during the course. Don’t do that by not
showing up. In most courses feedback is collected at the end of the course, use the
opportunity too.